What is healing energy?

Healers have been around since the advent of mankind, from the healer priest and priestess of ancient civilisations to the shamanic practices of the Native Americans to our present day breed of spiritual, shamanic, Reiki or energy healers. No matter which country, creed or race, past, present or future, all have had the ability to draw upon and direct the subtle energies of the cosmos to channel healing energy to individuals, animals and nature. Reiki healing transfers or channels a certain frequency or vibration of cosmic universal energy to the recipient, raising their own vibration to promote relaxation, wholeness and growth.

It originated from Japan where it was developed into a system of healing by Mikao Usui in the early 1920's before being introduced to the west, firstly in the United States in 1935, and is now practiced the world over. There is increased recognition from medical practitioners in leading universities that it is effective in reducing stress, physical pain and gaining equilibrium. Studies also revealed it helps with depression, chronic pain and cognition in the elderly related to Dementia and Alzheimers. Reiki treats the person as a whole.

Though there are various subtle interpretations of the word ‘Reiki’, Rei is often translated as ‘spirit’ and Ki as ‘energy’,therefore meaning ‘spiritual energy’ or ‘universal life force energy’.

How is it beneficial?

The benefits of healing cannot be underestimated in today’s world of technological advancement, media saturation, isolation and materialism. The fast, stressful pace of modern life exacerbates all our insecurities, problems and pressures resulting in a string of emotional, psychological, or physical issues and ailments. Reiki healing is a completely natural, gentle, non-invasive and non-religious universal energy, which can be a vital force in discovering or reclaiming your health, creativity, personal power and purpose in your life.

Since we are all unique, healing manifests in different ways at different times to different people: some express feeling more energised, connected with a renewed sense of purpose. Others experience an expanded sense of awareness, a sense of inner peace and acceptance. Sometimes it may take a while before you feel the effects.

The common thread that underpins healing, however, is clarity of thought and emotions over confusion and doubt, physical well-being over discomfort. Healing energy aims to achieve this by stimulating or balancing your chakras (energy vortexes or centers in your body) and meridians (the channels by which the energy flows). This healthy movement of energy to the physical body and to the etheric and mental spiritual bodies contributes to a balanced, healthy and creative lifestyle.

Healing can be the start of a spiritual or healing journey or simply a powerful nurturing energy to keep you centered and focused on your goals, challenges and ambitions.

Remote healing energy is for everyone - pure and simple. No rushing for an appointment, photos to upload or inaccessibility. Just a powerful worldwide healing source attuned to your intention to heal and your openness to receive healing wherever you are.

Remote Healing Treatment

Remote or distant healing, like all healing treatments, is about directing the trained and often gifted healer’s power of thought and intention on a recipient. Healing energy often takes immediate effect since it is not subject to the limits of time and space and can travel freely throughout the universe.
The advantage of remote healing is that you can receive treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Some clients find this is not only convenient but more reassuring and relaxing. The other advantage is that the timing is more flexible. We can allocate a specific time when the energy will be sent to you where you can enjoy a quiet moment. However if you are unable to take time out for the treatment there is nothing to stop you continuing through your day whilst the energy is being sent and you will still receive maximum benefit.

What you may expect

What to expect during treatment varies but many people report feeling deeply relaxed or feel sensations such as tingling, pulsing heat or coolness or see swirling colours of energy in their mind’s eye. Some see nothing at all or fall asleep. Afterwards, it is always beneficial to drink plenty of water and take extra care of yourself for a few days. What cannot be stressed enough is that the best way for you to experience the treatment is to let go of any preconceived ideas and allow it to manifest in the right way for you.

Appointments & Fees

Please email or telephone. should you wish to make an appointment or have any queries. If you book an appointment I will commence with the healing precisely at the beginning, and for the duration of the agreed appointment time. I offer a 30 minute treatment for £30, a 45 minute treatment for £40 and a 60 minute treatment for £50. Payments either via bank transfer or Paypal. Please note I do not use Skype or Zoom or any Social Media platform. This is by choice: I simply prefer the time and tested approach.


Having been interested in consciousness and self-healing for many years, my interest in healing grew mainly out of my desire to heal animals. In 2018 I received my Reiki Level One attunement and practiced on friends and family before qualifying for my Reiki Two certificate. Shortly thereafter I began experimenting with remote healing on animals as well as clients through word of mouth. I have discovered that I was an effective, powerful remote healing channel. Furthermore this method seemed to suit my character and energy perfectly, which encouraged me to devote myself entirely to remote healing. I am a fully insured Reiki practitioner and abide by GDPR regulations.